List of unreleased emulators

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The following is a list of Sega system emulators that were in development or announced, but never released publicly.

Name System OS Developer Notes
32Xulator[1] 32X Windows Eek
Blue Zone[2] Mega Drive Michael "chaosknight" Kikuta
Emplant[3] Mega Drive Amiga Utilities Unlimited Hardware expansion card for Amiga. Mega Drive emulation was supposedly planned.[4]
EmulatorX[5] Mega Drive DOS Aaron "Teego" Nunley
Gens/GS II Mega Drive Windows, Linux David "GerbilSoft" Korth Rewrite of Gens/GS. Source code is available.[6]
Ghost Master[7] Master System Windows DarkGhost
Hybrid's Sega CD Emulator[8] Mega-CD Patrick "Hybrid" Cloutier
Icarus[9] Dreamcast Windows ZeZu
KGen-X Mega Drive DOS Steve Snake Developed between KGen and KGen98.
Kyoto[10][11] Mega Drive DOS, Linux, Mac Haruki Ikeda Unreleased due to the developer's death in a car accident.[12]
Lucifer[13] Saturn Windows TyRaNiD Based upon Sat'On'Em.
MCHE32[14] Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000 Windows Mike "Atani" Dunston Windows port of MCHE.
MOGE[15] Mega Drive Also known as Magnum Opus.[16]
NextSMS[17] Master System, Game Gear DOS Christian Fowler Follow-up to NextLEVEL.
SegaMS[18] Master System, Game Gear RISC OS Rich Mackin
SMSemW[19] Master System Windows David Gilliland
Triton[20] Mega Drive, Mega-CD, 32X Windows Michel Gerritse Continuation of Xega.
W95 GenEMU[16] Mega Drive Windows Jelloboy


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