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Steve Snake
Date of birth: 19xx (age 21-121)
Company(ies): Accolade, Audiogenic, SCI, Virgin, Iguana Entertainment, Sega, Infogrames
Role(s): Programmer

Stephen Palmer, a.k.a Steve Snake, Stephen "Snake" Palmer is a longtime member of the emulation scene, who has been around for many years. He has programmed several emulators of the Sega Mega Drive and other games consoles by Sega, some of which date back in excess of ten years. His current project and the latest incarnation of his Sega emulator is Kega Fusion, an emulator that spans various Sega consoles, ranging from the Sega Master System to the Sega 32X.

Snake was also a game programmer in the 8- and 16-bit days, coding on projects ranging from Rodland on the Commodore 64 to NBA Jam Tournament Edition on the Mega Drive.

He was once fairly active in the Sonic scene, around the release of various prototypes on the 23rd of February, 2008; during this time, he released a modified version of Kega Fusion that supported the Knuckles' Chaotix prototypes, allowing them to properly run without crashing as previously.