Lunar: Sanpo-suru Gakuen

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For the Sega Saturn version, see Mahou Gakuen Lunar!.


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Lunar: Sanpo-suru Gakuen
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Game Arts
Genre: RPG[1][2]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥5,8005,800 T-45017
Sega Rating: All Ages

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Lunar: Sanpo-suru Gakuen (ルナ ~さんぽする学園~) is a Sega Game Gear RPG in the Lunar series.

The game was remade two years later for the Sega Saturn as Mahou Gakuen Lunar!


The game is set hundreds of years before the events of Lunar: The Silver Star. A young girl named Ellie and her best friend Lena live quiet lives as field workers in the town of Burg. They enroll in a newly established magic school located on an island called Ien. There, along with several other youths, the girls find the school and the area around it completely deserted and try to establish order by getting all the students together within the surrounding town. While they search for their instructors, they encounter several magical creatures and monsters who also call the island home.


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Japanese ルナ ~さんぽする学園~ Lunar: Sanpo-suru Gakuen

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Lunar: Sanpo-suru Gakuen

Game Gear, JP
LunarSG GG JP Box Back.jpgLunarSG GG JP Box Spine.jpgLunarSG GG JP Box Front.jpg
Lunar Gakuen GG JP Manual.pdf

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 58459edd
MD5 72cea1d3e02b74f10293aff3f2677683
SHA-1 1b0cc847d31956d843cadab7d86a2f434220301e
512kB Cartridge (JP) 8kB backup


Lunar: Sanpo-suru Gakuen

LunarSanposuruGakuen title.png

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