Masami Yitsuse

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Masami Yitsuse
Company(ies): CRI
Role(s): Musician

Masami Yitsuse (愛瀬 雅巳) is a sound designer for CRI that worked on titles for Sega's Mega Drive console and its add-ons, though not by his real name.

Yitsuse's aliases are unique in that their initials are M.Y., just like his real name. The names Masami Yoneyama (米山 雅美), Mikan Yuzuno (柚野 美柑), and Mizuho Yuuki (結城 瑞穂) are listed on his profile and his work on Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 is listed on his works page, which also makes him Masashi Yoneda.

Production history

Song credits

Super Mega Drive Fan Vol. 2 - Mega Drive Super Music Collection

  • Dash! ~ SMF Special — Music (w/Aoi Akai), Arrangement (w/Yuya Mizusawa)
  • Stand-up! and Go! — Music (w/Aoi Akai), Arrangement (w/Yuya Mizusawa)
  • The Brothers I Loved — Music (w/Aoi Akai), Arrangement (w/Yuya Mizusawa)
  • Too Many Happies — Music (w/Aoi Akai), Arrangement (w/Yuya Mizusawa)

Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000

  • Stage 1 — Music & Arrangement
  • Stage 1 Boss — Music & Arrangement
  • Stage 2 Part.2 — Music & Arrangement
  • Stage 3 Boss — Music & Arrangement
  • Stage 6 — Music & Arrangement
  • Stage 8 Part.2 — Music & Arrangement
  • Continue — Music & Arrangement

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