Masamoto Morita

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Masamoto Morita
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1994-04-01[1][2][3] – )
Asahi Net (2006-01[3] – 2018[4])
respon (2018[4] – )
Role(s): Director, Designer
Education: Keio University[1]

Masamoto Morita (森田 真基) was a director at Sega who specialized in puzzle games.


Morita as a new Sega employee in 1994.

Masamoto Morita joined Sega in 1994 after being impressed by the 3D graphics of Virtua Fighter, wanting to work at a developer that provided opportunities to work in 3D, such as Sega AM3, but was instead assigned to Sega AM1, where he mainly developed fortune-telling games and puzzle games. The mass output and short development periods of the department instead gave him the opportunity to experience a variety of games in various stages, from design, to early development, to location testing, to final release.[3]

Under WOW Entertainment, he shifted his focus from arcades to console and handheld games, culminating in being the lead game designer for the 2004 PS2 game Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo, himself a massive fan of the original manga, and being satisfied with the high-budget product he was able to develop.[3]

Wanting to break out of the game industry, Morita became intrigued with the game-like experiences possible using browser services such as Google Maps. He ran the website for a 3D shoot em' up developed by Asahi Net's founder, which was his gateway into joining said company in January 2006. His most lasting contribution to the company is the learning management system manaba,[5] which he thought was a good service with poor presentation, so he used the skills he learned at Sega to refine features and redesign the user interface without sacrificing any of the base program.[3]

In 2018 he left Asahi Net to found the company respon.[4]

Production history

  • (; 1996)
  • (; 1997) — Planner (as Morita,M)
  • (; 1997) — Special Thanks[6]
  • (; 1997) — Original Columns '97 Design (as 森田 真基)
  • (; 1998) — Director
  • (; 1999) — Director
  • (; 2000) — Director
  • (; 2001) — Director[7]
  • (; 2004) — Lead Game Designer[8]


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