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Sound test

MasterofMonsters MD JP SoundTest.png

On the title screen, press HOLD A+B+C START [1]. This code does not work in the NTSC-U version.

Special map and Character change

MasterofMonsters MD JP SSExtras01.png

MasterofMonsters MD JP SSExtras02.png

MasterofMonsters MD JP SSExtras03.png

MasterofMonsters MD JP SSExtras04.png

On the sound test, press HOLD Down-right+A+C+ START BB. You can choose between Normal and Special map types, and between Normal and Classic terrain graphics. If you choose the special map, seven maps have been added[1].

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On the sound test, press HOLD B START [2].

Change Language

MasterofMonsters MD JP SSLanguage01.png

MasterofMonsters MD JP SSLanguage02.png

On the title screen, press HOLD Up-left+A+B+C START . Then the language in the game changes to English[3].


Master of Monsters

Master of Monsters MDTitleScreen.png

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