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NAOMI DX Universal Cabinet
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The NAOMI Deluxe Universal Cabinet is a multi-purpose arcade cabinet manufactured by Sega in 2005. This would be the Deluxe counterpart to the NAOMI Universal Cabinet, a Upright cabined released several years before this one. Similarly, its geared specifically towards (but not limited to) Sega NAOMI games.

The NAOMI Deluxe Universal Cabinet was developed specifically for the European market. The machine is compatible with the JVS standard and accepts all Naomi joystick / button games. It features a high-resolution 38-inch CRT monitor. The monitor gives the player the same visual perspective as a 50 inch PTV with the advantage of no 'screen burn'.

The cabinet features sleek metal design styling to compliment the existing highly popular NAOMI Universal Cabinet. The machine also boasts high quality player-directed speakers, universal player controls and easy to access maintenance areas. The machine is also designed to fit NAOMI marquees and player instructions.

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