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Blast City
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Arcade (cabinet)
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Arcade (cabinet)
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The Blast City (ブラストシティ) is a multi-purpose arcade cabinet manufactured by Sega in 1996 as a successor to the Astro City line of cabinets.

Blast Citys continue the trend of relatively minor upgrades of previous City cabinets. This time the focus appears to have been on attracting customers, as the unit is taller and devotes more space to banners and lights. Also included are features such as VGA support, and significantly less power consumption than its older siblings. Originally Blast City cabinets were designed specifically for Sega Model 3 boards, though many have since been modifed.

Though earlier City cabinets are scarce outside of Japan, Blast City cabinets are known to have made it to the United States, where they were used for games such as Sega Bass Fishing.

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