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NAOMI Universal Cabinet
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The NAOMI Universal Cabinet is a multi-purpose arcade cabinet manufactured by Sega in 1999. It is Sega's first "high resolution" arcade cabinet of this type, geared specifically towards (but not limited to) Sega NAOMI games.

The NAOMI Universal Cabinet makes a number of changes over the previous Blast City model, most notably in aesthetics, where less of the unit is devoted to masking CRTs and arcade boards. It is also more customisable and offers a bigger screen.

This particular cabinet was designed with both western and Japanese markets in mind, and so is only available in an upright form. It is the de-facto cabinet for a multitude of arcade games during the late 90s and early 2000s, not just for the NAOMI board, but for the NAOMI 2, Hikaru, Chihiro and Triforce. The cabinet of choice for Japan, however, became the Net City, which debuted later in the year.

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