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Play golf

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On "player setup" screen, press Up for "Start New" and enter your name as "REFLOG" to play a "practise" game of golf.

By holding A and releasing at the right moment, the player can hit the ball, and can control its direction by holding Left or Right. You're given an unlimited number of tries - nothing happens regardless of where you send the ball, and you will never move from the initial spot. This is because the graphics are (mostly) faked - on-screen is a screenshot likely from Hitmen Productions' earlier title, PGA Tour 486 (for the IBM PC), albeit reduced in quality for Mega Drive hardware limitations.

Hitmen would go on to produce PGA Tour 96 for the Mega Drive the following year, which is a derivative of PGA Tour 486. Pressing  START  will return to the player setup screen.


NBA Live 95

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