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Nexa logo.png
Founded: 1982[1]
Merged into: Sphere (1987)
California, United States[1]

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Nexa Corporation, commonly known as simply Nexa, was an American video game developer notable for being one of the first Western companies to produce games with Sega of America for the United States Sega Master System market, and for the notoriously-poor reception of its 1989 Master System adventure game ALF.


Nexa Corporation was founded in 1982 (and officially established on June 24, 1982) by Gilman Louie[2][1], using funds from a second mortgage his parents took out on their family home.[3]

In early 1987, Nexa Corporation and Spectrum HoloByte were acquired by British print publisher Pergamon Press and merged into a single company, Sphere[1] (which later regained its independence in September 1992 and renamed itself after the larger of its two acquired developers, Spectrum HoloByte.)


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