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Founded: 2006-05-23[1]
Defunct: 2018 (halted game production)
東京都港区浜松町1-31 文化放送メディアプラス 3F, Japan[1]
東京都港区芝5-13-18 MTCビル 5F, Japan[2]

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Prope, Ltd. (プロペ) is a development studio formed by Yuji Naka following his departure from Sega in 2006. The name, (pronounced "pro-pe") is a Latin word which means "beside" and "near" future.[3]


Prope was established as a trial run of Sega's "Game Creator Dokuritsu Shien Program" (ゲームクリエイター独立支援プログラム), with the aim of giving certain developers independence from Sega[4]. Sega contributed 10% of the company's initial ¥10,000,000 capital, in return for the right of first refusal to publish any games developed by the firm (the first product released under this arrangement being the 2008 Wii game, Let's Tap).

With Prope, Naka was only interested in producing new games, rather than new entries in established Sega franchises[5]. Following the release of Let's Tap, the majority of Prope's games would be self-published projects targeting mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, though the company would also undertake projects with the likes of Bandai Namco Games and Nintendo.

In 2018 Prope ceased making new games, though still exists as a corporate entity. Of the 40 staff working for the company in October 2013[6], only Yuji Naka appears to remain today.


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