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System(s): Sega Lindbergh[1]
Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM Plus
Planned release date(s): 2005/2006
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1-2

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Psy-Phi (サイファイ, stylized as ΨΦ PSY-PHI)[2] is an unreleased arcade game developed by AM Plus for Sega Lindbergh hardware.

Inspired by the touch-screen computers from the film Minority Report[3][4], it would have used touch-screen controls, with the player controlling psychics in aerial fights and touching icons on the screen to move and attack. The player could perform special moves by drawing specific shapes on the screen[1].

While the game was technically completed, it failed its location test in Spring 2005 and did not make it into full production. While the game was popular[3], Yu Suzuki has said it was canceled because the friction from the touch screen controls led to players' fingers being burned[3]. Some solutions he has suggested include wearing gloves and making the game compatible with Kinect[4].


Location testing

Location tests
Venue Start date End date Comments
Club Sega Akihabara, Club Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi 2006-02-16 2006-02-22[5]
Club Sega Tachikawa 2006-02-17 2006-02-22[5]

Production credits

Developer mentions, patents

AM Plus artist Masaya Saida gave away a Psy-Phi badge set in January 2006,[2] but this does not necessarily confirm he worked on the game.

Magazine articles

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