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Saeko Segawa
Employment history:
Role(s): Composer, musician

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Saeko Segawa (瀬川 彩子), previously Saeko Sasaki (佐々木 彩子) (her first name is also frequently spelled Ayako), is a former Sega sound composer best known for her work on Decathlete. She joined the company to work on the Waku Waku series of kids rides, specialising in children's music and contributing to Doraemon-related projects. Her last known title, Top Skater, was the 22nd project she worked on.[2] She also provided her voice for Sega Water Ski.

She is married to and has a single child[3] with Takaya Segawa, who provided illustrations to accompany her songs featured in the albums Olio and Olio2. Her song on Olio also credits Koichi Namiki, who she worked with on Soreike Kokology, for recording and guidance,[4]

I wasn't given a role by my boss, but I was taking care of various juniors at that time. Sasaki is one of them. I think it was a very short period of time, but she is one of the people who left an impression.

Koichi Namiki on Twitter[5]

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  • 夜のおさんぽ — Lyrics, Music, Arrangement, Performed by


  • The Age of Tree — Music & Music, Arrangement

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