Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku

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Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku
System(s): GameCube, PlayStation 2
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: Warner Bros. (Cartoon Network)
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Nintendo GameCube
$39.95[1] DOL-P-GJCE
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo GameCube

Sony PlayStation 2
$39.95[1] SLUS-20899
Sony PlayStation 2
£? SLES-52479
Sony PlayStation 2
€? SLES-52479
Sony PlayStation 2
€? SLES-52479
Sony PlayStation 2
€? SLES-52479
Sony PlayStation 2
$? ?

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Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku is a 2004 GameCube and PlayStation 2 action game by Sega and Amaze Entertainment that ties into the Samurai Jack cartoon. An Xbox version was also planned, but cancelled.

Production credits

GameCube version

Adrenium Games – An Amaze Entertainment Studio
  • Executive Producer: Stephen Clarke-Willson Ph.D.
  • Produced By: Alex Pantelias
  • Directed By: Dominick Meissner
  • Design and Story By: Geoff Card
  • Lead Artist: Jason Zayas
  • Lead Programmer: Dave LeCompte
  • Music By: James L. Venable, Paul Dinletir and Mark Yeend
  • Sound Design By: Ian Rodia, Drew Cady
  • Samurai Jack Animation and Control System By: James "Silver" Beattie and David Hunt
  • Associate Producer and Test Lead: Anil Joshi
  • Programmed By: Darryl Mlinar, Jack Song, James "Silver" Beattie
  • Level Design By: Dominick Meissner, Geoff Card, Daniel Meissner
  • Enemy Character Modeling and Animation By: Clay Corbisier, David Hunt
  • Enemy Character Design: Jay Barber
  • Level Art By: Derek Bowman, Kham Udom
  • Cut Scene Staging and Animation By: Jason Zayas, David Hunt
  • Special Effects By: Jay Barber
  • Concepts and Textures By: Memo Diaz
  • 3D Sound Developed By: Ian Rodia, Drew Cady
  • Tested By: Anil Joshi, Alex Stamati, Jordan Shafer, Elizabeth Cummins, Joel McCone, Kyle Lingol
  • Adrenium Games Senior Management: Jon Mavor, Jeff Petkau, John Cutter, Max Chapman
  • Adrenium Engine and Tools By: Jon Mavor, Graphics System Architect, Jeff Petkau, Game System Architect, William Lott, Josh Taylor
Amaze Entertainment
  • Executive Management: Dan Elenbaas, David Mann
  • CREATIVE Director: Phil Trumbo
  • Director of Development Services: Jack Brummet
  • Director of Design: Kris Summers
  • Director of Operations and Finance: Mike Dean
  • Director of Marketing: Curtis Asplund
  • Executive Studio Director, Knowwonder: Lindsay Gupton
  • Executive Studio Director, Adrenium Games: Stephen Clarke-Willson, Ph.D.
  • Executive Studio Director, Griptonite Games: Steve Ettinger
  • Executive Studio Director, The Fizz Factor: Rodney Gibbs
  • Executive Studio Director, Blackship Games: Scott K. Tsumura
  • Special Thanks, Amaze Entertainment Operations: Kevin Burdick, Susan DeMerit, Christian Kimball, Stephanie Hjertager, Mia Robinson, Paul Stokes, Brian Decker
Cartoon Network
  • Creator - Samurai Jack: Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Producer: Lara Kiang
  • Senior Manager: Chelsea Reeves
  • Senior DesignER, Cover Art: Jay Rogers
  • Cartoon Network Studios:
    • Background Artist: Dan Krall
    • Storyboard Artist: Paul Rudish
    • Writer: Amy Rogers
    • Storyboard Artist: Charlie Bean
    • Production Manager: Todd Garfield
  • Special Thanks: John Friend, SVP Cartoon Network Enterprises, Michelle Parrish McKnight, Digital Artist, Kevin Mackenzie, Digital Artist
Warner Bros.
  • Producer: Heidi Behrendt
  • Director of Production: Brett Skogen
  • Marketing Manager: Susannah Scott
  • Marketing Coordinator: David S. Cohen
  • Senior Vice President: Jason Hall
  • Vice President, Interactive Entertainment: Philippe Erwin
  • Director, Interactive Entertainment: Scott Johnson
  • Special Thanks: Jason Ades, Jamie Bafus, Wendy Bozzi, Eric Bram, Marielle Henault, Louise McTighe, Gary Sheinwald, Korin Williams, Geraldine Wong
  • Voice Talent: Mako as Aku, Phil LaMarr as Samurai Jack, Mad Jack, The Foreman, The Archeologist, Jeff Bennett as Extor, Jack’s, Father, The Priest, Lead Kid, Kami, Jennifer Hale as Kid(female), Lizard(female), Villager(female), Slave(female), John DiMaggio as The Scotsman, The King, The Tree, Spirit, Announcer, Tom Kenny as First Villager, Brave Slave, Villager(male), Slave(male), Other Kid
  • Voice Acting Directed By: Collette Sunderman
  • Recorded at: Salami Studios, North Hollywood, CA
SEGA of America, Inc.
Source: US manual

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

GameCube version

GameCube, US
SJtSoA GC US Box.jpg
SJtSoA GC US Disc.jpg
GameCube, UK
SJtSoA GC UK Box.jpg
GameCube, FR

GameCube, DE

GameCube, ES

PlayStation 2 version

PlayStation 2, US
SJtSoA PS2 US Box.jpg
SJtSoA PS2 US Disc.jpg
PlayStation 2, UK
SJtSoA PS2 UK Box.jpg
PlayStation 2, FR

PlayStation 2, DE

PlayStation 2, IT/ES
SJtSoA PS2 IT-ES Box.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sony PlayStation 2
CRC32 d3e87078
MD5 a2139e1e99257dcf2b5d8575ef41690f
SHA-1 2e5432ab06faf817c8e5593b8311094e0f970428
1,265,565,696 DVD-ROM (EU) SLES-52479 (V1.03)
Sony PlayStation 2
CRC32 05f0c174
MD5 fb2c97bfdb544ea202f9f0411922b0ce
SHA-1 7e37718a2bb451eb360652e84a9412464f812d36
1,468,825,600 DVD-ROM (US) SLUS-20899 (V1.03)

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Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku
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