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File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg 1994-05-07 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "June 1994" "Beep! Game Gear"
Reported as 20% complete. Set to release in August. Stated to be a Coca-Cola tie-in, the writer describes the main character, Cokey, as a character from Coca-Cola commercials who attands Skat School (カットスクール) in Cork/Coke City (コークシティー), who has to infiltrate an enemy hideout to his respected teacher who has been kidnapped. The game is shown besides the in-development Gunstar Heroes, and the writer projects that both will have quick development cycles. Screenshots show several of Cokey's moves, including riding a skateboard.
Logo-pdf.svg 1994-06-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "July 1994" "Beep! Game Gear"
Reported as 90% complete. Says the game came about due to a large scale deal between Coca-Cola and Sega. It is described as such an exciting side-scrolling action game even a hedgehog and a Dateten Wyvern? (伊達天ワイバーン) (the writer asks if readers understand the reference) are shaking with fear. The moves you can perform during gameplay are mentioned, as are the one-on-one boss fights that switch up gameplay. The plot is separately summarized within a pink rounded rectangle. There are also a huge number of screenshots, covering the title screen, menu, character animations and gameplay moves.

It is the first game scored with the Handy Rate, a rating of the game's portability factor based on pick-up-and-play nature as well as repetition. It scores a Handy Rate of 57.

Logo-pdf.svg 1994-07-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "August 1994" "BE-Mega dog race"
The game description reads "Sukatto Sawayaka? (NOTE: Referencing an old Coca-Cola commercial[1]) A totally licensed game between Sega and Coca-Cola. Corky takes action to rescue his admired teacher who was captured by the evil corps."

Most of the reviews bring up the brand integration, such as being impacted the popping sound played when the Coca-Logo appears after starting the game. Game beginner girl 青山ようこ says having a skateboarding kid seems very "Coca-Cola", but the character is lacking in "impact", although the available moves to perform are diverse. She would have liked if it progressed more quickly, but the portability is excellent. Foreign game user OLIX光治 says the gameplay is a hodgepodge of different moves, but not unplayable. He just wishes there had been more surprises later on. Game mania group ハイローラーズ's ロ finds the maps awkwardly designed, making it unclear when something is a bottomless pit or not. Besides that, it's easy operate, so they recommend it to intermediate~advanced players. General game user ジャムおじさん finds it exhilarating to perform power-up attacks with the press of a button, but can only get so much enjoyment out of characters and a story targeted at a younger audience.

Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 7/10   5/10   6/10   7/10
Logo-pdf.svg 1994-07-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "August 1994" "Beep! Game Gear"
Reported as 100% complete. It scores a Handy Rate of 6 (rating system was changed to a 10-point scale instead of 100).
1994-07-29 Famitsu (JP), "1994-08-12" "Cross review"

Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 6/10   5/10   5/10   4/10
Logo-pdf.svg 1995-08-08 Sega Saturn Magazine (JP), "September 1995" "Beep! MegaDrive readers final rating"
It continued up until then in Sega Saturn Magazine.

Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 6.468/10


Sassou Shounen Eiyuuden Coca-Cola Kid

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