Satoshi Sonotani

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Satoshi Sonotani
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1991-01[1] – 2001-10[1])
Role(s): General manager[1]
Education: Kamakura High School(Law, 1971-1974)[2], Chuo University (Law, 1976-1980)[2]

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Satoshi Sonotani is a Japanese businessman, consultant, compliance officer and much more, who worked at Sega Enterprises for 10 years as an assistant manager, general manager and group leader.


After working at DIC corporation for almost 11 years, Satoshi Sonotani joined Sega Enterprises in 1991 as an assistant manager, and later general manager, of their overseas departments. His most notable move as general manager was in 1996, when he played a role in the merger & acquisition of DreamWorks SKG[2], which led to the creation of Sega GameWorks. That same year, he became group leader, first of the Overseas Logistics Planning Group[1]. Starting in February 2001, Sonotani was group leader of the administration group, New Business Development Department, where he and 3 subordinates were "responsible for building new business model making use of Dreamcast game machine logic and online game system".[1]

He was transferred out of Sega in October 2001, to become the director of new company Xside Corporation. Sega held 15% of shares in the company. It went bankrupt in 2003, and he has since joined various companies and left, sometimes for personal reasons, other times due to bankruptcy[1].

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