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For the 1983 video game console, see SG-1000.

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Sega 1000
Manufacturer: Sega
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The Sega 1000 (セガ1000) was a jukebox released in Japan in 1960. It is believed to be the first entirely original product to bear the "Sega" name, and the first significant commercial success for the company in Japan.

Development was a joint venture between Nihon Goraku Bussan (sales) and Nihon Kikai Seizou (manufacturing), two groups within Service Games Japan that would merge in 1964. The specific history of the Sega 1000 is not fully understood, however its success helped popularise the Sega brand, a name which would come into use after Service Games' merger with Rosen Enterprises in 1965 to form Sega Enterprises.

The Sega 1000 was the first domestically-produced jukebox for Japan, with previous jukeboxes having been imported from North America by Rock-Ola. Sega's model, though not idolised by audiophiles, was significantly cheaper than its imported rivals and became a hit with Japanese restaurants, with 3000 units being sold by 1962.

Sega would produce other jukeboxes (for Rock-Ola), though the history surrounding them is not currently clear.


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