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Sega Club (known as Mega Kids in Brazil) was a brand created Sega of America in the mid-1990s to promote video games for younger audiences.


The Sega Club came into fruition with the July 1994 release of Wacky Worlds as a singular banner to represent games appropriate for young children. Showing the Sega Genesis wasn’t exclusively for the older kids (per their recently-established anti-Nintendo corporate image), the label attempted to portray the system as having kids games too, mostly to tech-savvy parents.

Sega of America had planned to release a special "Sega Club" edition of the model 2 Sega Mega Drive, Control Pad, and Mega Mouse, but in the end, only a Sega Club-branded Japanese-model Six Button Control Pad ever saw fruition. This release had a very limited run and was the only official way American gamers could acquire the smaller controller.

The branding was only seen during the latter half of 1994 and during 1995. Largely unsupported by Sega of America as a whole, the company would soon after restructure around the Sega Saturn, with the name not seeing use since. Sega would still continue to support the popular Sega Pico, a more focused and successful presence in the children’s video game market.

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