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Sega Klubben was an official Sega membership service in Sweden.

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Dennis Bergström Elektronik

Bergsala AB which was a distributor of Nintendo in Sweden since 1981, founded the Nintendo club. This membership service became popular, so Dennis Bergström Elektronik decided to open a similar club associated with the Sega Master System. Members got a Sega Posten magazine in which they could find information about new games. Initially, the Sega club was run in the afternoons and evenings. An important aspect of the club was support, which was held via the Sega Hotline in the afternoon between 15-17[1].


Sega Klubben

Brio shop

Brio, distributor of Sega in Scandinavia since 1990, also owned a club associated with Sega. In addition to support and club services, Brio also had a store with t-shirts, bags and other gadgets from Sega, which members could buy. Like before, Brio had it's own magazine called Sega Official Software News, which was replaced by Sega Force in 1992[1].

Sega Power Club

In 1995, with the Mega Drive 32X failure and the increase of the more competitive magazine for players, Sega Force was closed. Brio started a new club called Sega Power Club and members got new magazine called Sega Power Magazine. Brio closed Sega Hotline club in 2001[1].


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