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Sonic Spinball


SegaSmashPack GBA Bug SonicSpinball Intro.png

During the introduction sequence, the far background layer is drawn on top of Robotnik's base.

Not fixed in any version.

Toxic Cave Wormholes

SegaSmashPack GBA Bug SonicSpinball HoleLayer.png

"Wormholes" in Toxic Cave are always drawn above Sonic, and indeed any other object. This means within seconds of starting the game, Sonic will be masked by a sprite which should be behind him.

Not fixed in any version.

Unoptimised camera

SegaSmashPack GBA Bug SonicSpinball Camera.png

The camera still assumes a 320x224 screen resolution. This means in many circumstances, Sonic can find himself interacting with objects (partially) off-screen, as the camera does not move far enough.

Not fixed in any version.


Sega Smash Pack

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