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Ecco the Dolphin

Cheat menu


Begin the game and move Ecco left and right. Press Select to pause the game when Ecco is directly facing the camera, then press Right B R B R Down R Up.


  • City of Forever: NWBYCXGW
  • City of Forever 2: ?STNNTPY
  • Cold Water: YC.?CXGQ
  • Dark Water: VFCRKTGK
  • Deep City: GZPTFXG-
  • Deep Water: KSWKCXGV
  • Hard Water: RFXPCXGV
  • Ice Zone: .YNTCXGS
  • Island Zone: HSXPBXGX
  • Jurassic Beach: TKGTGTGQ
  • Lagoon: RKIVVHCC
  • Last Fight: DLHSTQPT
  • Library: NX:KFXGJ
  • Marble Sea: R.GGFXGY
  • Open Ocean: W-QBCXG-
  • Open Ocean 2: TS-K.WGC
  • Origin Beach: LR:LGTG:
  • Pteranodon Pond: F?TXGTGF
  • Ridge Water: RTGCXGB
  • Stomach: DBBXVQPK
  • Trilobite Circle: X-WQGTGT
  • Tube: BV?!TQPY
  • Undercaves: HYNCSRDQ
  • Vents: XPRMMZBD
  • Welcome to the Machine: BTWJVQP.

Golden Axe

Level select


Select Arcade Mode and on the character select screen hold Down-left + B and press Select.

Nine continues


Hold Down-left + A + R, release all, then press Select (Arcade Mode).

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

Level select


On the options screen, press L Down R Down A Down L R Up L A Up R A Up. Return to the title screen and hold button L and press Select for Level 2, R and press Select for Level 3, and A and press Select to begin on level 4.

View credits


On the options screen, press A Up R Up L Up A R Down A L Down R L Down.


Sega Smash Pack

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