Sega Super Game 6

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Sega Super Game 6
Format: VHS, Betamax
Publisher: Pony Video
Running time: 49:36
Release Date RRP Code
VHS Video
¥9,2609,260[1] V98X1597
Betamax Video

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Sega Super Game 6 (セガ スーパーゲーム6) is a video cassete containing footage of six arcade games; After Burner, Alien Syndrome, Enduro Racer, Super Hang-On (not Hang-On as described on the box) and SDI. There is no commentary - the games are just played to their respective ends.

Much of the footage is recycled from previous videos published by Pony Video. Combined this cassette is roughly 50 minutes in length.

Production credits

  • Producer: Osamu Takahashi (Tyrell Corp.), Katsuhiko Takemasa (Ponycanyon Inc.)
  • Assistant Producer: Keizo Kabata (Ponycanyon Inc.)
  • Director: Mao Kawaguchi (Tyrell Corp.), Haruo Nakano (Tyrell Corp.)
  • Technical Director: Ryoichi Komiya (E.L.C.)
  • Editing Operator: Takashi Katagiri (Art Plaza1000)
  • MA Operator: Shinji Aoki (Art Plaza1000)
  • Editing Studio: Art Plaza1000
  • Game Player: Shigeki Yamashita, Hiroshi Kawashima (Spream-Sol), Masaaki Somaki (Spream-Rei)
In-video credits


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VHS video

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VHS version

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Betamax version

Betamax, JP

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