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In-game credits
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In the 1990-10-02 prototype, the developers are credited with their real surnames, besides Kazu.K who uses their other alias K.Koba.[2]

  • Animal Design Check: Choko
Sega Players Enjoy Club[3]

Sega TV Game Genga Gallery[4]



  • Main programming.[5]
  • Programmed sprites into the game.[5]

K.Koba (Kazu.K)

  • Programmed Yamato's actions.[5]
  • Programmed the options screen.[5]

Rieko Kodama (Phenix Rie)

  • Designed and illustrated the statue of liberty.[3]
  • Designed and illustrated background art.[3]
  • Drew Yamato's sprites.[3]

Tomohiro Yamamoto (Rew)

  • Illustrated round 4.[6]
  • Illustrated part of the bonus stages.[6]
  • Created some graphical effects.[6]

Keisuke Tsukahara (Tsukachan)

Music credits

ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
Burning Downtown 1[10] Round 1-1[10] Yes
Title[10] Yes
Battle on the Railway 2[10] Round 2-2[10] Yes
Statue of Liberty[10] Round 3-2[10] Yes
Burning Downtown 2[10] Round 1-2[10] Yes
In the Darkness[10] Round 4-2[10] Yes
Boss[10] Yes
Round Clear[10] Yes
Miss[10] Yes
Bonus Stage[10] Yes
Result-Extra Players[10] Yes
Result-Score Bonus[10] Yes
Start[10] Yes
Game Over[10] Yes
Prologue[10] Yes
Union Lizard[10] Final Boss[10] Yes
Ending[10] Yes
Options[10] Yes


Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

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