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For the similarly-named Japanese game publisher, see Sigma Enterprises.

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Sigma Pro-Tech
Founded: 1974-01-23
Defunct: 1992 (ceased development)
Merged into: Sigma Enterprises
Headquarters: Seijo, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

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Sigma Pro-Tech Co., Ltd. (シグマ・プロテック株式会社), formerly known as Sigma Trading Co., Ltd. (シグマ商事株式会社), and sometimes stylized as ∑ Pro-Tech, is a Japanese asset management company and former video game developer.


Founded on January 23, 1974 by Katsunori Manabe (真鍋勝紀), Sigma Trading was initially Manabe's personal asset management company, acting as the official face of his video game development business. The company released its first arcade game in 1978, and remained an arcade developer until the dawn of the Japanese Nintendo Family Computer boom of the late 1980s. Sigma Pro-Tech is thought to have generally consisted of only two employees: Masaya Takayama and Hiroshi Satou.[1]

In 1992, Sigma Pro-Tech was acquired by affiliated company Sigma Enterprises, and ceased video game production. While Manabe passed away in June 2007, the company appears to still exist, and is closely connected to the Chōfu, Tokyo-based children's indoor amusement park Magical T-Pot.[2]


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