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File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg 199x-xx-xx Maximum (UK), "January 1996" "MAXIMUM News: Sonic and AM2 team-up for new coin-op!"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-01-12 Computer & Video Games (UK), "February 1996" "Red Hot Scoop!: Sonic Returns in AM2 Fighting Game!"
A last minute addition to CVG #171, as news of Sonic the Fighters's existence broke just days before the magazine's publication.
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-01-24 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "February 1996" "Sonic Revival"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-01-24 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "February 1996" "Coin Operated: Sonic Boom!"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Maximum (UK), "February 1996" "MAXIMUM News: Sega's Fighting Frenzy"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-02-24 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "March 1996" "Knuckles Appears in Sonic Arcade Game!"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-01-28 Mean Machines Sega (UK), "March 1996" "Sonic Fighter"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-03-29 Maximum (UK), "March 1996" "MAXIMUM News: The fighting game action from Sega hits fever pitch!"
Brief coverage from the AOU Show 1996.
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Electronic Gaming Monthly (US), "April 1996" "Next Wave: Sonic Fighting"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-02-24 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "March 1996" "Coin Operated: Sonic Game Update"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-04-12 Computer & Video Games (UK), "May 1996" "Coming Soon: Sonic the Fighters"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx SuperGamePower (BR), "Julho 1996" "Pré Estréia: Sonic the Fighters"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-12 Computer & Video Games (UK), "July 1996" "E3 Show Report: Sega Coin-Ups - Sonic: the Fighters"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-20 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "July 1996" "Coin Operated: Beaten Blue!"
Coverage of the version shown at AOU 1996.
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-07-11 Computer & Video Games (UK), "August 1996" "Sega Saturn Untold Potential"
Half-page article about the Saturn's "Sega Graphics Library". A Saturn demo of Sonic the Fighters running in a development environment is mentioned. Screenshots are from the arcade version.
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx SuperGamePower (BR), "Setembro 1996" "Golpe Final: Sonic the Fighters"
Logo-pdf.svg 1997-06-11 Computer & Video Games (UK), "July 1997 (Freeplay #15)" "The Red-Hot Rumours Division!"
Brief mention of a Saturn version of the game, said to be due in Summer 1997 in Japan.
AlaabAlcomputtar SA 4 Sonic The FIghters.jpg 1996-xx-xx Alaab Alcomputtar (SA), "" "First Look Sonic the Fighters"