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In-game credits
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Music credits

ID Description Credits Used Comments
81 Great Turquoise Zone Yes
82 Sunset Park Zone Yes
83 Meta Junglira Zone Yes
84 Robotnik Winter Zone Yes
85 Intro Yes
86 Title Yes
87 Player select Yes
88 Title card Yes
89 Act clear Yes
8A Boss Yes
8B Final boss Yes
8C 1-Up Yes
8D Death Yes
8E Game Over Yes
8F Rocket Shoes Yes
90 Power Sneakers Yes
92 Invincibility Yes
93 Sunset Park Zone Act 3 Yes
94 Sea Fox Yes
95 Propeller Shoes Yes
97 Fang the Sniper Yes
98 Hyper Heli-Tails Yes
9A Tidal Plant Zone Yes
9B Atomic Destroyer Zone Yes
9C 2D Special Stage Yes
9D 3D Special Stage Yes
9E Metal Sonic Yes
9F Continue Yes
A0 Chaos Emerald Yes
A1 Ending Yes
A2 Staff roll Yes
A3 Try Again Yes Not available in the sound test, but can be forced to play via RAM manipulation.


Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble

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