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  • X68000
  • X1
  • PC-8801 mkII SR
  • FM77AV
  • PC-6001 mkII
  • MZ-700

SpaceHarrier X68 JP SSTitle.png

SpaceHarrier X1 JP SSTitle.png

SpaceHarrier PC88 JP SSTitle.png

SpaceHarrier FM7 JP SSTitle.png

SpaceHarrier PC60 JP SSTitle.png

SpaceHarrier MZ700 SSTitle.png

Space Harrier
System(s): FM77AV, PC-6001 mkII, PC-8801 mkII SR, MZ-700, X1, X68000
Publisher: Dempa
Genre: Shoot-'em-up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
PC-6001 mkII
PC-8801 mkII SR

In Japan, Space Harrier (スペースハリアー) was ported to many home computers.

Dempa published the FM-77 AV, PC-6001 mkII, PC-8801 mkII SR, X1 and X68000 versions. The MZ-700 version is a fan-made software. Program was published in the home computer magazine Oh! X on receiving the Sega license.


These are tailored to the characteristics of each of the hardware. X68000 was brand new at the time of Space Harrier's release, and so its version was widely regarded to be the most accurate arcade conversion for many years. MZ-700 version is reproduced game screen by using the tiling color character graphic.


Main article: Space Harrier (JP home computers)/Comparisons.

Production credits

FM77AV version

  • Main Programmer: T.Kurebayashi (Toshihiko Kurebayashi)
  • Music Driver: M.Yoshizawa, T.Nakagawa, T.Kurebayashi
  • Music Editor: Yu-You
  • Sound Effector: K.Ishida
  • Graphic Coding: T.Ohtsuka, T.Kurebayashi
  • Test Player: A.Yamashita, Exchanger
  • Special Thanks to: Fujitsu Oa Co., Ltd
  • Dempa Micom Soft
  • © Sega 1985
  • - Space Harrier - FM-77AV

PC-8801 mkII SR version

  • Main Program: Kazuhisa Ishida
  • Sub Program: Kazuhisa Ishida
  • Sound: Kazuhisa Ishida
  • Music: Kazuhisa Ishida
  • Data: Kazuhisa Ishida
  • Art: Kazuhisa Ishida
  • Special Thanks to: Kenji Komiyama, Naniwa San/Dempa, KSK (KURE Soft)
  • USED Computers: PC-8001mk2SR (Program), PC-88VA (TEST Play)
  • Musicians of Programming BGM: Seiko Matsuda/Candies, Mako Ishino/Takako Ohta, Himekami Sensation
  • Copyright 1985 Sega(R)
  • Copyright 1988 Dempa/K.Ishida

Sharp MZ-700 version

  • 1988 Program by K.Furuhata
  • Game Checked by H.Miyauchi

X1 version

  • Main Program: K. Komiyama
  • Character Arrange: K. Komiyama
  • Sound Arrange: K. Komiyama
  • Other Data: K. Komiyama
  • Special Thanks: K. Ishida, Naniwa/Dempa
  • Used Machine: CZ-802C, PC-8801MK2MR

X68000 version

  • Main Programmer: T.Matsushima
  • Music Driver: Masatoshi.Yoshizawa
  • Music Editor: Yu-You
  • Sound Effector: YK-2, Yu-You, T.Matsushima
  • Graphic Coding: T.Matsushima
  • Management: Taro Tada
  • Test Player: Ichiro Tezuka, Akira Yamashita, Akira Hibiki, Exchanger
  • Special Thanks to: Bridal Naniwa, Tomoko Ohtsuka, Sega Research and Development Dept.
  • Dempa Micom Soft
  • Sega - Space Harrier - X 68000

Promotional material

X68000 version in Mycom BASIC magazine (JP) #1988-01: "January 1988" (1987-12-08)
also published in:
PC6001 mkII/SR, PC6601/SR, X68000 versions in Mycom BASIC magazine (JP) #1988-01: "January 1988" (1987-12-08)
also published in:
FM77AV version in Mycom BASIC magazine (JP) #1988-01: "January 1988" (1987-12-08)
also published in:
PC-88, X1 versions in Mycom BASIC magazine (JP) #1988-08: "August 1988" (1988-07-08)
also published in:

Physical scans

FM77 AV version

SpaceHarrier FM77 JP Box Front.jpg

PC-6001 mkII version

PC-6001, JP
SpaceHarrier PC6001mkII JP Box.jpg

PC-8801 mkII SR version

PC-8801, JP
SpaceHarrier PC8801 JP Box Front.jpg

X1 version

X1, JP
SpaceHarrier X1 JP Box.png

X68000 version

X68000, JP
SpaceHarrier X68000 JP Box Back.jpgSpace Harrier X68000 JP cover.jpg
SpaceHarrier X68000 JP Disk.jpg

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