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This table has 628 rows altogether.

Page code name link country
360 (magazine) 360 360 UK
360 Gamer 360gamer 360 Gamer UK
ACE (magazine) ace ACE UK
Alaab Alcomputtar alaabalc Alaab Alcomputtar SA
Amiga Action amigaaction Amiga Action UK
Amiga Computing amigacomputing Amiga Computing UK
Amiga Force amigaforce Amiga Force UK
Amiga Format amigaformat Amiga Format UK
Amiga Mania amigamania Amiga Mania UK
Amiga Power amigapower Amiga Power UK
Amiga User International aui Amiga User International UK
Amstrad Action amstradaction Amstrad Action UK
Amstrad Computer User acu Amstrad Computer User UK
Arcade (magazine) arcade Arcade UK
Bad Influence! (magazine) badinfluence Bad Influence! UK
Bang Weekly bang Bang Weekly UK
Beep! MegaDrive bemega Beep! MegaDrive JP
Beep! MegaDrive bemega_r Beep! MegaDrive (readers) JP
Big K bigk Big K UK
Clube Sega clubesega Clube Sega PT
Commodore Computing International commodorecomputing Commodore Computing International UK
Commodore Force commodoreforce Commodore Force UK
Commodore Format commodoreformat Commodore Format UK
Commodore User cuser Commodore User UK
Complete Guide to Consoles cgtc Complete Guide to Consoles UK
Computer & Video Games cvg Computer & Video Games UK
Computer Gamer computergamer Computer Gamer UK
Console XS consolexs Console XS UK
Crash crash Crash UK
CU Amiga cuamiga CU Amiga UK
Cube (magazine) cube Cube UK
DC Magazine dcmagazine DC Magazine ES
DC-Tips dctips DC-Tips UK
Dengeki Dreamcast dengekidc Dengeki Dreamcast JP
Dengeki Mega Drive dengekimd Dengeki Mega Drive JP
Dengeki Sega EX dengekisegaex Dengeki Sega EX JP
Dengeki Sega Saturn dengekiss Dengeki Sega Saturn JP
DevelopMental developmental DevelopMental US
Dianji Dreamcast ddctw Dianji Dreamcast TW
Dianji Sega Saturn dsstw Dianji Sega Saturn TW
Dorimaga dori Dorimaga JP
Dream Wave dreamwave Dream Wave HK
Dreamcast Arena dcarena Dreamcast Arena IT
Dreamcast Fan dcfan Dreamcast Fan JP
Dreamcast Galaxy dcgalaxy Dreamcast Galaxy IT
Dreamcast Kult dckult Dreamcast Kult DE
Dreamcast Lösungen dl Dreamcast Lösungen DE
Dreamcast Magazine (Italy) dmit Dreamcast Magazine IT
Dreamcast Magazine (Japan) dmjp Dreamcast Magazine JP
Dreamcast Magazine (Japan) dmjp_r Dreamcast Magazine (readers) JP
Dreamcast Magazine (UK) dmuk Dreamcast Magazine UK
Dreamcast Magic dcmagic Dreamcast Magic DE
Dreamcast Monthly dcmonthly Dreamcast Monthly UK
Dreamcast Press dcpress Dreamcast Press JP
Dreamcast Solutions dcsolutions Dreamcast Solutions UK
Dreamcast Strategies dcstrategies Dreamcast Strategies UK
Dreamcast Tips dreamcasttips Dreamcast Tips UK
Dreamcast: Das Offizielle Magazin dmde Dreamcast: Das Offizielle Magazin DE
Dreamcast: Le Magazine Officiel dlmo Dreamcast: Le Magazine Officiel FR
Dreamplanet dreamplanet Dreamplanet ES
Dreamzone dreamzone Dreamzone FR
Edge edge Edge UK
Electric Brain ebrain Electric Brain UK
Electronic Gaming Monthly egm Electronic Gaming Monthly US
Famitsu DC famitsudc Famitsu DC JP
Famitsu Saturn famitsusaturn Famitsu Saturn JP
Game Dream gamedream Game Dream FR
Game Mania gamemania Game Mania UK
Game Players Sega Guide! gpsg Game Players Sega Guide! US
GamePro (UK) gameprouk GamePro UK
Gamereactor gamereactor Gamereactor UK
Gamers gamersde Gamers DE
Games Domain Offline gdo Games Domain Offline UK
Games World: The Magazine gamesworld Games World: The Magazine UK
GamesMaster (magazine) gamesmaster GamesMaster UK
GamesTM gamestm GamesTM UK
Great Saturn Z gsz Great Saturn Z JP
Harmony harmony Harmony JP
Hyper Saturn hypersaturn Hyper Saturn JP
Jornal Sega Mania jsm Jornal Sega Mania BR
Joy Joy News joyjoynews Joy Joy News JP
La Bible des Secrets Saturn lbdss La Bible des Secrets Saturn FR
Marukatsu Mega Drive mmd Marukatsu Mega Drive JP
Mean Machines mm Mean Machines UK
Mean Machines Sega mms Mean Machines Sega UK
Mean Machines: The Essential Sega Guide esg Mean Machines: The Essential Sega Guide UK
Mega mega Mega UK
Mega Action megaaction Mega Action UK
Mega Console megaconsole Mega Console IT
Mega Drive Fan mdfan Mega Drive Fan JP
Mega Force (France) megaforce Mega Force FR
Mega Force (Portugal) megaforcept Mega Force PT
Mega Force (Spain) megaforcees Mega Force ES
Mega Force (The Netherlands) megaforcenl Mega Force NL
Mega Machines megamachines Mega Machines UK
Mega Play (magazine) megaplay Mega Play US
Mega Power megapower Mega Power UK
Mega Sega megasega Mega Sega ES