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Page code name link country
Template:MagNameStore 360 360 UK
Template:MagNameStore 360gamer 360 Gamer UK
Template:MagNameStore 4players 4Players DE
Template:MagNameStore 576kb 576 KByte HU
Template:MagNameStore 64er 64’er DE
Template:MagNameStore acar Australian Commodore & Amiga Review AU
Template:MagNameStore ace ACE UK
Template:MagNameStore acpc Amstrad Cent Pour Cent FR
Template:MagNameStore actiongames Action Games AR
Template:MagNameStore acu Amstrad Computer User UK
Template:MagNameStore ae Arcade Express US
Template:MagNameStore aesk Æskan IS
Template:MagNameStore ag Ação Games BR
Template:MagNameStore agp Australian GamePro AU
Template:MagNameStore alaabalc Alaab Alcomputtar SA
Template:MagNameStore amigaaction Amiga Action UK
Template:MagNameStore amigacomputing Amiga Computing UK
Template:MagNameStore amigaforce Amiga Force UK
Template:MagNameStore amigaformat Amiga Format UK
Template:MagNameStore amigajoker Amiga Joker DE
Template:MagNameStore amigamania Amiga Mania UK
Template:MagNameStore amigapower Amiga Power UK
Template:MagNameStore amlife Amusement Life JP
Template:MagNameStore amstar Amstar FR
Template:MagNameStore amstradaction Amstrad Action UK
Template:MagNameStore analog ANALOG Computing US
Template:MagNameStore animerica Animerica US
Template:MagNameStore apc L'essentiel des Achats pour Consoles FR
Template:MagNameStore arcade Arcade UK
Template:MagNameStore arcades Arcades FR
Template:MagNameStore arcadia Arcadia JP
Template:MagNameStore asm Aktueller Software Markt DE
Template:MagNameStore asvg AS Video Igrice SCG
Template:MagNameStore atu Atuagagdliutit GL
Template:MagNameStore aui Amiga User International UK
Template:MagNameStore azar Azar ES
Template:MagNameStore bab Bits & Bytes NZ
Template:MagNameStore badinfluence Bad Influence! UK
Template:MagNameStore bang Bang Weekly UK
Template:MagNameStore bb Billboard US
Template:MagNameStore beep Beep! JP
Template:MagNameStore bemega Beep! MegaDrive JP
Template:MagNameStore bemega_r Beep! MegaDrive (readers) JP
Template:MagNameStore bestial Bestial! PT
Template:MagNameStore bgamer B Gamer PT
Template:MagNameStore bigk Big K UK
Template:MagNameStore bign big.N DE
Template:MagNameStore bit BIT SK
Template:MagNameStore bonus Bonus SCG
Template:MagNameStore cb Cash Box US
Template:MagNameStore cbi Cash Box International AU
Template:MagNameStore cblz Computer Bild Lietuva Žaidimai LT
Template:MagNameStore cda CD-Action PL
Template:MagNameStore cdconsoles CD Consoles FR
Template:MagNameStore cdplayer CD Player DE
Template:MagNameStore ce Computer Entertainer US
Template:MagNameStore cgtc Complete Guide to Consoles UK
Template:MagNameStore cgtm The Complete Guide to Megadrive UK
Template:MagNameStore cgts The Complete Guide to Sega UK
Template:MagNameStore cgw Computer Gaming World US
Template:MagNameStore cinescape Cinescape US
Template:MagNameStore click Click! PL
Template:MagNameStore clickconsole Click!Konsole PL
Template:MagNameStore clubesega Clube Sega PT
Template:MagNameStore cnes Club Nintendo ES
Template:MagNameStore commodorecomputing Commodore Computing International UK
Template:MagNameStore commodoreforce Commodore Force UK
Template:MagNameStore commodoreformat Commodore Format UK
Template:MagNameStore computergamer Computer Gamer UK
Template:MagNameStore computerinput Computer Input NZ
Template:MagNameStore consolemania Console Mania IT
Template:MagNameStore consolesmax Consoles Max FR
Template:MagNameStore consolesmicro Consoles Micro FR
Template:MagNameStore consolesnews Consoles News FR
Template:MagNameStore consolesplus Consoles + FR
Template:MagNameStore consolexs Console XS UK
Template:MagNameStore crash Crash UK
Template:MagNameStore cuamiga CU Amiga UK
Template:MagNameStore cube Cube UK
Template:MagNameStore cubezone Cubezone FR
Template:MagNameStore cuser Commodore User UK
Template:MagNameStore cvg Computer & Video Games UK
Template:MagNameStore cvgit Computer + Video Giochi IT
Template:MagNameStore cybersports Cyber Sports US
Template:MagNameStore d3 Dimension-3 US
Template:MagNameStore da Disney Adventures US
Template:MagNameStore datormagazin Datormagazin SE
Template:MagNameStore dcarena Dreamcast Arena IT
Template:MagNameStore dcfan Dreamcast Fan JP
Template:MagNameStore dcgalaxy Dreamcast Galaxy IT
Template:MagNameStore dckult Dreamcast Kult DE
Template:MagNameStore dcm DCM US
Template:MagNameStore dcmagazine DC Magazine ES
Template:MagNameStore dcmagic Dreamcast Magic DE
Template:MagNameStore dcmonthly Dreamcast Monthly UK
Template:MagNameStore dcpress Dreamcast Press JP
Template:MagNameStore dcsolutions Dreamcast Solutions UK
Template:MagNameStore dctips DC-Tips UK
Template:MagNameStore dcuk DC-UK UK
Template:MagNameStore ddctw Dianji Dreamcast TW