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Streets of Rage 4 (Dreamcast)
System(s): Sega Dreamcast
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega

Streets of Rage 4 is an unreleased game developed as a sequel to Streets of Rage 3. There have been at least two attempts at creating Streets of Rage 4, the first eventually seeing release in the re-branded form of Fighting Force, however a more "pure" attempt at a sequel, developed in-house by Sega was due for release on the Sega Dreamcast at one stage.

Streets of Rage 4 appeared very early in the Dreamcast's lifespan, being presented as a technical demo. It shows the protagonist from the first three games, Axel walking and fighting various enemies, both from a classic side-on perspective and a first person view. Much of the demo is unfinished, and it is assumed the project was scrapped shortly after being shown.

The demo was produced by Sega of Japan, but rumours state that disdain from Sega of America led to the project being axed. Sega of America had reportedly had a shift in managerial staff at the time, who are said to have been unaware of the series' past success on the Sega Mega Drive, ultimately coming to the conclusion the game would be unprofitable.

Yuzo Koshiro was involved in the project in some form.

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