Takashi Ishihara

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Tokyo, Japan[1]
Employment history:
Arc System Works (2000-04[2] – 2001-04[2])
Sonic Team (2001-04[2] – )
Sega ( – 2005-04[2])
Artoon (2005-04[2] – 2007-04[2])
Q Entertainment (2007-04[2] – 2012-10[2])
Role(s): Artist
Twitter: @TAKA_future

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Takashi Ishihara is a former UI designer and concept artist at Sonic Team, who joined at 18 years old[1]. After working with older former Sonic Team creators at Artoon, he met Tetsuya Mizuguchi, and joined his company Q Entertainment to create games that combine art and music, such as Child of Eden and Lumines[1]. He became a freelander in 2012[2], but continued to work with Mizuguchi on the games Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect, as well as designed Mizuguchi's official website[2]. He also worked on an action game for Sega, and has also worked with Yamaha, Microsoft and Ubisoft[2].

Ishihara was exposed to art through his father, who was a cameraman[1]. During his school days, he was most inspired to study graphic design by abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky[1].

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