Takayuki Nakamura

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Notes on worklist link I posted

1. On the list were a few games I couldn't find:

  • "Basketball" (SMS) (1990)
  • "Where’s Wally?" (aka "Where's Waldo?") (ARC) (1991)
  • "Ghost Hunters" (TP [Don't know what this means]) (1993)

2. He lists "some composition" for Moonwalker (MD), so I'm assuming he did Mr. Big and the Boss themes, as they reappear in the Master System version he did in full. This also makes it look like Hiroshi Kubota only ported MJ's song like he did Nakamura's for Sonic 1 & 2.

3. Stadium Cross is listed as a sound program role, so the composer is still out there. Apparently, "Checker Point" must have been composed for OutRunners and snuck into SC and not the other way around (despite release dates), which I suppose makes more sense.

4. That list doesn't mention the Pro Evolution Soccer series, so that might not stick around much longer. - E-102

Could Basketball be Basketball Nightmare?
Where's Wally is Wally wo Sagase!
Not sure about Ghost Hunters, though there is a 1993 System 24 game called Quiz Ghost Hunter
I don't know what you mean with the Stadium Cross thing...? I don't remember a Checker Point in OutRunners though that may be me failing... "Check Point"?
I don't know about Pro Evolution Soccer... check the production credits?
- Andlabs 19:43, 26 May 2012 (CDT)

1) It has to be either that or this unreleased SMS version of Pat Riley Basketball I see on GameFAQs

3) By Checker Point [methinks short for "checker flag point"] I mean the track named as such for OutRunners (compare to Stadium Cross at 0:19). The jingle chosen for Daytona USA didn't exactly help, either.

4) Urrgh, sports game credits. The one thing I might actually have trouble finding. I'm just gonna take it as fact for now. SEMO does, at least. - E-102 14:03, 27 May 2012 (CDT)