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Sega Youth Education & Health Foundation

  • Needs dedicated section and MainArticle to dedicated article.
  • The acceptance of pediatric AIDS can be attributed to a social movement more than individual people, but if you were to tie a few names to the push, Kalinske would be there. Sega of America (and Kalinske) had a notable influence on both the American and worldwide acceptance of pediatric AIDS (remember that we were just coming out of that terrible "don't touch people with AIDS" period), and SoA confidently standing behind something like this was huge. Much in the same way the Girls Task Force was effective; not so much in their objective end-result products or actions, but in the fact that for the first time, you saw a massive (and youth-relevant) corporation stand behind something like this.
  • One of SoA's very lesser known but more important legacies. Kinda like how they talk about how like- through all the massive political decisions that US presidents have made, that the most historically-lasting and meaningful legacies was simply establishing the national park system- this is just like that. Something that seems small in relation to all the "big business" normally associated with the job, but in the long run turns out to be one of their more important decisions. And NOWWW we get into the "would have been more meaningful if the history had been remembered better", but that's what these pages are for.
  • Verify the story about Kalinske bumping into close friends and their child at Disneyland, and how that meeting was the impetus for getting Kalinske's ball rolling on what he had been thinking about for a while. The story absolutely happened, but it was relayed in Console Wars, so expect a little "connecting A and B cause they're sitting beside one another". In this case, I legit think this WAS the impetus but hey, just double-check.

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