The Case of the Mad Mummy

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The Case of the Mad Mummy
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: Dotsoft
Genre: Adventure

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code

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The Case of the Mad Mummy is a graphical text adventure game developed by Australian company Softgold (formerly Gameworx Software), which specialised in multi-load text adventures written in BASIC. It was released as part of the Super Sleuth Series, but it is unknown if any other games also carried that label.

It was released on the SC-3000 in 1985 by Dotsoft, exclusively in Australia. The game was also released on Commodore 64 in the same year.

Gameplay is based on the Scott Adams Standard 2-word verb-noun parser.

The main character Basil Byron is based heavily on Sherlock Holmes. Presumably, he is a recurring protagonist in the Super Sleuth Series.

The game is also known as The Mystery of Munroe Manor, which suggests that it was renamed to tie in with an earlier Softgold title The Secret of Bastow Manor.


As BASIL BYRON, famed slueth, you have been engaged to investigate the recent strange behaviour of Lord Alvin Munroe, well known British adventurer.

Lord Munroe disappeared from public life 2 years ago after returning from an expedition to Egypt.

At that time he shunned reporters and fled the docks in a private coach taking with him a large collection of crates and sea chests.

As you cross the Moors in your coach, Castle Kreep is silhouetted against the night sky ...

A shudder of apprehension runs down your spine ...

— Box backcover


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