Thermo Nuclear War Games

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Thermo Nuclear War Games
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: Dotsoft
Genre: Adventure

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code

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Thermo Nuclear War Games is a graphical text adventure game developed by Australian company Softgold (formerly Gameworx Software), which specialised in multi-load text adventures written in BASIC.


M.A.S.T.A The huge defence computer in Norad has developed its own intelligence and is playing World War III.

Only you, and Dr. Norton, M.A.S.T.A.'s creator, know this and can stop total disaster.

Hidden deep within Norad's command centre inside Cheyenne Mountain is a security disk and access code.

It's up to you to get into Norad, find the code and stop World War III. HURRY!

Can you save the World?

— Box backcover [1]


Gameplay is based on the Scott Adams Standard 2-word verb-noun parser. It appears to be played under a time limit to increase tension, but it doesn't seem to be measured in real time and is based more on progress or number of moves/commands.

The game features full colour graphics of your location to complement the text description. The SC-3000 version features superior graphics over the Commodore 64 version.


Originally published on the Commodore 64 as Nuclear War Games in 1983, the game was converted to the SC-3000 and published by Dotsoft exclusively in Australia in 1984.

The game was originally intended to tie-in with the 1983 movie WarGames, starring Matthew Broderick, but the license was pulled at the last minute.


The game features a reference to another Softgold graphical text adventure. When the player starts the game and attempts to travel North, the player is told that it would take them back to Bastow Manor, which is a reference to The Secret of Bastow Manor.


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