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Saturn version

Windows PC version

Cheat mode

THotD PC CheatMode.png

On the main menu, hold down  Ctrl  and type SKIDMARX. This enables cheat mode, which activates a number of new features in game. When you start a game in any mode you'll be invulnerable, and have unlimited shots (never having to reload).

Some stats will also appear at the bottom of the screen whilst in game. The current FPS, as well as the current stage and scene (using the same numeric codes as in the cheat menu below) will be displayed on the left hand side. The score for both players will be displayed on the right hand side.

Enabling cheat mode also enables some debug keys which can be used any time during play

  • Hold  Ctrl  and press R to enable an automatic rapid-fire mode, continuously covering the entire screen with shots.
  • Hold  Ctrl  and press 1 or 2 to enable or disable invulnerability/no reload for player 1 or 2 respectively.
  • Hold  Ctrl  and press 3 or 4 to force death for player 1 or 2 respectively.

To disable Cheat mode, once again hold down  Ctrl  and type SKIDMARX on the main menu.

Cheat mode also reveals 2 new menus on the main menu

Cheat menu

THotD Cheat.png

The 'cheat mode' code above also enables a cheat screen accessible from the main menu

  • Stage: A stage select. As well as the four normal stages, you can also view 'tt' which is the tutorial video, 'adv' which is the opening scene, and 'end' which is the ending scene.
  • Scene: Each stage above is split into individual scenes, you can start the game at any point in any stage.
  • Free Play: Infinite continues
  • Start: Starts a new game using the settings above

Character stats menu

THotD PC CharStats.png

The 'cheat mode' code above also enables a menu which allows you to alter the character stats of all the characters available in PC mode (G & Rogan's stats affect arcade mode as well).

Note that any changes will be overridden by the unlimited health/no reloads enabled by the cheat mode, so it must be disabled again in order for these stat changes to be used.

Creature test

THotD PC Creature.png

There is a third cheat menu which is enabled by holding down  Ctrl  and typing CREATURE. The SKIDMARX cheat mode must already be enabled for this menu to be selectable (although the cheat to enable it still works if you type it in first, it just won't be visible). This enables you to view all character models in the game.

Left and Right rotate the character model, Last BO/Next BO changes the selected model and Last MO/Next MO changes the selected animation used by the current model.

Extra room

THotD PC ExtraRoom.png

Save every scientist you encounter in the game (the route taken or number of scientists doesn't matter) to access an extra room just before the final boss. The room contains extra lives and lots of points items.

Ending content

THotD PC BadEnd.png

As well as the standard ending where you leave the house, there are two hidden endings that are triggered based on your performance.

Good Ending (Sophie lives): Finish the game with a score of 62,000 points or higher and earn the no.1 ranking.

Bad Ending (zombie Sophie): Finish the game using a number of continues where the last digit is zero (0, 10, etc) and without triggering the good ending. For two players it's the combined total of continues that is used.


The House of the Dead


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