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Arcade version

Some of the developers are also referenced in the game's default high score table.

Saturn version

In-game credits
House of the Dead Saturn credits.pdf

US manual
Thotd sat us manual.pdf

PC version


Arcade version

Takashi Oda

  • Created characters.[3]
  • Staged the movement of the camera, such as for the ending cutscene.[3]
  • Designed forking paths.[3]

Koji Ooto

  • Programmed and optimized graphics.[3]

Kazutomo Sanbongi

  • Programmed character staging.[3]
  • Programmed enemy routines.[3]
  • Programmed enemy reactions to being shot, such as arms falling off or eyeballs flying out.[3]

Hiroyuki Taguchi

  • Designed player characters.[3]
  • Designed monsters.[3]
  • Designed bosses.[3]
  • Designed the Magician.[3]

Tetsuya Kawauchi

  • Created background music.[3]
  • Created sound effects.[3]
  • Performed vomit noises to voice enemies.[3]
  • Input lines of dialogue.[3]

Music credits

ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
1 Attract Demo Yes
2 Chapter 1: Tragedy Yes
3 Chapter 2: Revenge Yes
4 Stage Clear Yes
5 Boss theme (The Chariot, The Hangedman, The Hermit) Yes
6 Game Over Yes
7 Ending Yes
8 No
9 Chapter 3: Truth Yes
10 No
11 Cutscene before boss fight against the Magician Yes Short version of attract demo theme.
12 Theme of the Magician[5] Boss theme (The Magician) Yes
13 Theme of the Magician[5] Boss theme (The Magician) No Short version with slightly different instrumentation.
14 Name Entry Yes
15 Chapter 4: The house of the dead Yes


The House of the Dead


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