Toshiyasu Morita

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Toshiyasu Morita
Employment history:
Origin Systems[1][2] (1987-02 – 1987-09)
Taito R&D[1][2] (1990-02 – 1990-07)
LucasArts Entertainment[1][2] (1990-07 – 1993-09)
Sega of America[1][2] (1993-09 – 2001-02)
Role(s): Technical Director[1], Programmer[1]

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Toshiyasu "Toshi" Morita is a Japanese-American software engineer and former Sega Technical Institute technical director and programmer.[1][5]


In his teenage years, Toshiyasu Morita began coding on his first computer, an Apple IIe. He eventually enrolled in college, but soon became bored and dropped out after a single year to seek a job in the video game industry.[5]

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