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Mega Drive version

Customise championship fight

You can start a customised championship fight just by entering a three-character password. The first character must be "E", the second is a code representing your opponent, and the third is a code representing the player.

The codes are as follows:

Fighter Code
Benny Booyah E
Biff Blublood Q
Bruno Maserati A
Chang Fu Z
Charlie Ponderosa D
Coco Valdez M
Coolio Loc K
Diego Garcia S
Freddy Bravo Y
Gavin Greyson W
Hans Fischer C
Havana Jones T
Hiro Sokitome J
Jabfar el Habib L
Jacob Jabowitz N
Joe Wildhawk P
Monsieur Victoire B
Muerte Martinez F
Nikolai Radinski R
P.J. Rock G
Rigo Suave X
Sydney Dundee V
T.K. O'Reilly H
Yang Ah Chi U

So for example, if you wanted the computer to play as Benny Booyah, while you are Biff Blublood, the password would be "EEQ". This also allows for mirror matching.

Fight in the regionals

Enter WUSSY as a password.

All The Moves

ToughmanContest MD AllTheMoves.png

Enter MRBUCKEYE as a password.

To The Death

ToughmanContest MD ToTheDeath.png

Enter 2LT as a password. This will remove the timer, meaning you can only win by three knockouts.

Iron Man

ToughmanContest MD IronMan.png

Enter MAXX as a password. This will make you invincible.

Caffeinated Mode

ToughmanContest MD CaffeinatedMode.png

Enter HYPER as a password. This will increase the game speed.

Whoop Ass Mode

ToughmanContest MD WhoopAssMode.png

Enter SUPERG as a password. This increase the difficulty of your computer opponents.

Little Napoleon

ToughmanContest MD LittleNapoleon1.png

ToughmanContest MD LittleNapoleon2.png

Enter WEASEL as a password. This will make your opponents shorter.

Director's Cut

ToughmanContest MD DirectorsCut1.png

ToughmanContest MD DirectorsCut2.png

Enter RUBE as a password. This will remove the head of your opponents.

Stealth Mode

ToughmanContest MD StealthMode1.png

ToughmanContest MD StealthMode2.png

Enter FQSTER as a password. This will turn your opponents completely black.

Nuclear Waste Man

ToughmanContest MD NuclearWasteMan1.png

ToughmanContest MD NuclearWasteMan2.png

Enter NUCLEAR as a password. This will make your opponent's palette bright colours.

Green Thang

ToughmanContest MD GreenThang1.png

ToughmanContest MD GreenThang2.png

Enter SALADBAR as a password. This will attempt to emulate a green screen monitor, although it is glitchy in motion and not everything turns green.


Toughman Contest

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