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For the cancelled NEC LD-ROM² version, see UFO & ET.
System(s): Sega Mega LD
Publisher: Pioneer LDC
Developer: Multimedia Creators Network
Genre: Electronic Publishing
Number of players: 1
Peripheral(s): 3D Goggle

UFO & ET is a cancelled Sega Mega LD educational software program slated to be developed by Multimedia Creators Network and published by Pioneer LDC.[1] Like the developer's previous three releases, it is assumed it would utilize the 3D Goggle accessory.


UFO & ET would have contained video presentations and information related to the study of UFOs, extraterrestrial life, and other closely-related subjects.


Development reportedly proceeded far enough along to have early planning and concept work finished[2], as well as hiring UFO researcher Antonio Huneeus as a production consultant sometime in 1995.[3]

Ultimately, Multimedia Creators Network found they had spent nearly all their budget on their previous three releases and were unable to produce UFO & ET.


…yes, we had this one planned, but we couldn’t make it, simply because we used up all of our budget with the three titles we’ve made already.

I wish we had more time and budget to finish this title as well, since the subject related to UFO and ETs has been, and still is one of my strongest interest, and I have been following the subject since I was a little kid.

Multimedia Creators Network founder Jotaro Nonaka[4]