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Production history

Please stop removing usage of Template:ProductionHistory, it's used to automatically add games which already have their production credits listed. You can remove the titles which appear twice (if any) in the authors' articles instead. --AllisonKidd (talk) 21:16, 1 July 2018 (CDT)

This template can lead to inconsistency. Please hear me out. Its not consistent cause many of the credits are added manually, and it lists several games in completely wrong order, then the rest is in the right order (which does not use that template). This way, I believe its all organized. I did not remove any vital information, just reorganized them properly. Please understand. :) Also, there were several pages on here of developers who had their latest game credits listed, but their latest games were not added in automatically, despite having that template. That template (so far from what I have seen) only adds in certain credits it was attached to somehow, not to mention I have no idea how to rearrange the credits that template lists to have them in the correct order. These issues are avoided with the addition of credits manually, which is what the majority of the credits are added by anyways.
Thanks for reading.
First of all, don't remove other people's comments on talk pages. The ProductionHistory template pulls information from production credits lists on game pages, so the correct way to add to a developer's credits is by adding a credits list to the game page. The only exception is Sonic games, which still need to be added manually because they're on different wiki (although eventually both wikis will share information). As for how ProductionHistory organises credits, I believe it sorts them alphabetically and you apparently want them sorted by date. I'll look into making it possible to switch between the two, but this is an issue with the template you don't need to worry about. In short, don't remove ProductionHistory and don't add credits to developer pages. - Hivebrain (talk) 10:50, 2 July 2018 (CDT)
I only removed the comment because I thought nobody would see my response anyways, including the person making the comment. My apologies. More on that template however; I’m not sure if you are aware, but it makes the credits attached to it be not fully visible for visitors (not logged in people), I’ll have a link to a screenshot below to show you what I mean. Could you please look into that?

Thanks. -Blur

Actions -> Purge cache -Black Squirrel (talk) 11:16, 2 July 2018 (CDT)
Looks like a glitch that affects recently-edited pages. Does the problem clear itself up after a while? - Hivebrain (talk) 11:18, 2 July 2018 (CDT)

Unfortunately, it does not. Its now on Tetsu Katano, Akinori Nishiyama... Basically every page I tried visiting (while logged out) that uses that template. As you see, the rest of the credits that are not attached to it directly are fine. I hope its not too much of a hassle to take care of that, though. -Blur

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When I was adding all these ProductionHistory templates, I'd say maybe three quarters of them needed the cache purging. But you see a similar thing with thumbnails too - sometimes it takes a while to wake up, sometimes not. I think it corrects itself - you might have to experiment. It might even correct itself when another entry is added to the table.
The lack of instant feedback is jarring on these wikis - I can see how this could look as if you've broken the world, but yes, ProductionHistory is the way to go -Black Squirrel([[User talk:Black

Squirrel|talk]]) 11:31, 2 July 2018 (CDT)

Well, I have just now tried visiting pages I have not visited in awhile, and the issue is still for them, too. And yes, I’m aware of this thing with thumbnails, haha. I believe this issue might be under the radar since its only seen if you are logged out. However, hopefully it actually does correct itself.