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Watch out for those file names - "vr.gif" isn't very descriptive and could get lost in the system. cdn:Manual of style/Naming files etc. -Black Squirrel (talk) 06:28, 21 June 2021 (EDT)

Yo back (IronTJ) Yeah sorry about that, I'm just trying to upload all these pictures and these are the names they gave them back in the early 2000s. I'll try to change all the file names next time to be more in depth. Thanks Black Squirrel

references + images

just to give a couple of pointers here, when referencing web pages it's a good idea to properly put the reference templates in place - use [1] when linking a page and

  1. [ ]

when doing so

and as far as I can tell you're only uploading the compressed thumbnail images from the old location database - simply opening the photo in a new tab should bring up a slightly higher res version, though this is dependent on itself being backed up in addition; you can't guarantee all of them being there. Sometimes the reverse is true and the thumbnail doesn't show, so keep an eye out

anyway, especially considering how small some of these images are, it's best to go back and replace all of the instances where it's possible - I've uploaded the fuller res version of Ikebukuro GiGO's photo for example. Hope this is of help -Ted618 (talk) 13:10, 23 June 2021 (GMT)

hey, I've been meaning to get in touch with you, as you see I'm not very good at image or reference tagging and I see that you fix those mistakes for me on the many pages I've edited and first thx. Second I have no idea how to add images to pages. I have the main image for Sega World Tarumi but I have no clue how to add it as the gallery and I also have an interior image for Sega World Takahagi. I was wondering if you'd be willing to help since I've seen you mostly are always imbedding pictures to the many of pages. Thx! - Onethinkings

Yo Onethinkings, thanks for the question, glad to help anyone who is trying to preserve this great part of SEGA's history! If you want to add images, there has to be a gallery, if there isn't then just put this right above references with this command:

Then after you put this command you gonna want to add the images you go to the cogs icon in the top right and click on Upload File. Then after you do this you select the file you want to upload and click upload at the bottom and please make sure then names are detailed (trust me I had this problem), then after you add the images, click on actions and edit and add a command to show what type of image it is like this command: <pre>{{location|Sega World (Japan)}}<pre>
Them click save changes then its ready to add. If you want to add it to the page just put it between <pre><gallery><pre> and <pre></gallery><pre> like this:
Also if you want to put some kind of note with the image just ad something like this after and image "|Example Text" like this:
Examplefile.jpg|Example Text
Now if you want to add a reference, just add it to where you put the info or at the bottom reference section. If there is no reference section, just add this to the bottom before the "{{SegaWorldJapan}}" or whatever bottom command there is, it should look like this:
<references /><pre>
Then you can add the reference by adding this before a web link <pre>{{ref|<pre> and this after <pre>}}<pre>, it should look like this:
<references /><pre>
You can usually add this to any other text on the page like the date or address. Then save it and usually it will give you a captcha, then answer the captcha and click save at the bottom again. If it gives you an error saying this info isn't on the page, just add it to the info you added or if its just for an image, just add it to the address or something like that where that info is present and save it again. Also if you take a link from the Wayback Machine, please include the Wayback Machine part of the link with it, so we can see the info without having to put it back into the Wayback Machine. I hoped this helped you and I hope I explained it well, if you have and questions just ask me or if you have Discord, I suggest you join the Discord server, then you can ask any questions or post info you found, link here: P.S> the "<pre>" commands are just so you can see the commands so dont add those.
Thanks again for asking me, IronTJ

==Image tagging==
Those are much better file names, and useful uploads

but can I ask that, since you're uploading so many photos, that you add <pre>{{location|Sega World (Japan)}}


{{location|Hi-Tech Sega}}

or whatever to the description field - just so they're put in the right place


Otherwise they end up in Special:UncategorizedFiles, which isn't ideal. I've mass-replaced most of the ones you've already uploaded. ta -Black Squirrel (talk) 11:52, 1 July 2021 (EDT)

Hey (Black Squirrel), it's (IronTJ), I'll try to work on that, I just thought that it would do the job since it links to the article that it goes to, but I'll try to add it. So I just add it to the bottom of the picture, correct? Also, when you replaced my pictures, did you add the category?
In the summary field when uploading, or when the file is uploaded, the file page -> Edit -Black Squirrel (talk) 03:46, 2 July 2021 (EDT)

Iron TJ again, thanks I seemed to figure it out and add them to the pictures, the only ones I didn't add onto were Sonic Town ones since they don't have a specific page to take it too since they are mostly add-ons or different types of sega worlds. ThanksBlack Squirrel