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Sega in Morocco

Hey. I was browsing through your last edition and wanted to ask if Sega Dreamcast was in the European version in Morocco? And if you have more interesting information about Sega in Africa and in the Arab World, write this because unfortunately I can not find information about this region. Thanks for the help. - Lukdriver14

Generally, all North Africain countries have European Sega products, but in the Gulf I've seen both European and Japanese products. I'm always on the lookout for anything African/Arabic, but it's hard because of how little information exists, even in Arabic, and there's some things I found and didn't put in the wiki, but I'm going to do when I can. - Saad

It's good to know that North Africa had a European version. Some African countries like South Africa had Japanese and European consoles. One more thing I wanted to ask. Do you know what I write on this label? - Lukdriver14

Can't help, sorry, I don't know anything about the Egyptian version of the SC-3000 - Saad