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Saturn version

Play as Dural

VirtuaFighterKids Saturn US Dural1.png

VirtuaFighterKids Saturn US Dural2.png

With the cursor hovering over Akira in the player select screen, press Down Up Right Left+A.

Play as gold Dural

VirtuaFighterKids Saturn US GoldDural1.png

VirtuaFighterKids Saturn US GoldDural2.png

With the cursor hovering over Akira in the player select screen, press Down Up Left Right+A.

Play as "fish Dural"

VirtuaFighterKids Saturn US FishDural.png

Select Dural using either of the codes above, then hold C after selecting a fighting mode. When the fight starts, Dural will be semi-transparent and have a goldfish in her head. The fish makes no difference to play, but will laugh if the player wins and be sad if he/she loses.

First person mode

VirtuaFighterKids Saturn US FirstPerson.png

Hold L as the game is starting and you'll be put into a first person view mode. Here, your character will appear as a white wireframe model.

Combo master mode

VirtuaFighterKids Saturn US ComboMasterMode.png

When selecting between "normal" and "kids" modes, press Up ten times.


Virtua Fighter Kids

VirtuaFighterKids title.png

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