Wagyan Land

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WaganLand title.png
Wagyan Land
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Namco
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥4,000 T-14047

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Wagyan Land (ワギャンランド) is platform game developed and published by Namco for the Sega Game Gear. It was only released in Japan, and is a slightly enhanced port of a 1989 Famicom game of the same name and was released as part of the Wagyan Land series.

Wagyan Land is a semi-educational title, comprised of both platforming segments and minigames such as shiritori (which is seen as the main reason no games in the series have seen western releases). The Game Gear port features redesigned levels to accommodate the smaller screen, a slightly altered plot and some powerups from Wagyan Land 2.

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92 [1]
78 №2, p125
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Game Gear, JP
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Technical information

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System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 29E697B2
MD5 8334E0D55380DD78EBA5311CDA6635DE
SHA-1 6B74F3FDDABD52AC6BB1B812043537154F8A43C5
256kB Cartridge (JP)