Irving Bromberg

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Irving Bromberg
Date of birth: 1899-06-10[1]
Date of death: 1973-01-20[1] (age 73)
Role(s): Executive

Irving Bromberg[2][1] was an American businessman and one of the three founders of Service Games, Hawaii, the origins of modern-day Sega.

Born in 1899[3], Bromberg became president of the Greenpoint Motor Car Corp., based in Brooklyn, New York in 1923[3] before branching out into vending machines, forming Irving Bromberg Co. in 1930 (with branches in Brooklyn, New York City, New Jersey, Boston and Washington, D.C)[3][4][5]. In 1934, Bromberg founded a business known as Standard Games Co. in Los Angeles[3].

In 1945, he went on, along with his son Martin Bromley and his son's friend James Humpert, to co-found Service Games. Bromberg was brought on board for his technical experience in this sector, though his son was responsible for day-to-day management of the business.

Bromberg also helped bring Service Games, Panama into fruition, though is thought to have retired in the early 1950s. He died in 1973, and was buried in Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City California[1].



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