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Sega Graphic Board
Made for: SG-1000
Manufacturer: Sega
Release Date RRP Code
¥8,8008,800[1] GB-800

The Sega Graphic Board is a peripheral for the SG-1000, acting as a basic tablet. It was released in 1985 for a Japanese audience.

The Sega Graphic Board's only real function is to allow Terebi Oekaki to work properly. Unlike other controllers, it is permanently attached to the Terebi Oekaki cartridge. The peripheral is limited for a number of reasons - the drawing area is small (10.8cm x 8cm) and the short lead means it can only be used if the player is very close to the console. As the SG-1000 can only output 16 colours on screen, the Terebi Oekaki software is also quite limited.

In order to use the Sega Graphic Board, the player requires a stylus (a black Sega-branded one was bundled with the unit). It requires more pressure than normal tablets in order for the console to receive a signal, however offers a thin and transparent drawing area to allow users to trace images.

Redesigned versions

Though it was never released in the west, the Sega Graphic Board made several appearances in Western media and plans were made to bring improved versions to newer Sega consoles.

A slightly redesigned Graphic Board was set to be released in North America and Europe as an accessory for the Sega Master System early in the console's lifespan[2] (Q4 1986 in North America[3]). The original design was axed and replaced with a more appropriate black version, sporting an extra two buttons and most importantly, a DE-9 connector meaning it was not tied directly to a cartridge. Again, this black version was never released, however prototype versions have been spotted and seem to work.

Towards the end of the 1980s, a version of the Graphic Board for the Sega Mega Drive was planned. It is seen in photographs of early pre-production Mega Drive consoles, along with a Mega Drive Floppy Disk Drive and Mega Drive Keyboard.

In 1986, Sega released the Sega AI Computer, featuring graphics tablet controls. Like the Graphic Board, the AI Computer was exclusive to Japan.


Magazine articles

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Physical scans

SG-1000, JP
Terebi Oekaki SG-1000 JP Top.jpg
Terebi Oekaki SG-1000 JP Spine.jpg
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Terebi Oekaki SG-1000 JP Carttop.jpg
Terebi Oekaki SG-1000 JP Cart Back.jpgTerebi Oekaki SG-1000 JP Cart.jpg
Terebi Oekaki SG1000 JP Manual.pdf
Terebi Oekaki SG1000 JP Rego.pdf
Reg Card
Terebi Oekaki SG-1000 JP Graphic Board.pdf
Graphic Board

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