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full extent of Sega involvement (?)

starting to think that there's slightly more to this than meets the eye of "Kenji Sasaki runs a 3DCG/game production company, makes the AS-1 films, then closes it in 1995 and joins Sega fulltime"

consider these credits on Sega Rally 2 and Star Wars Racer Arcade:

  • Designers: Tomokazu Sasaki (Graphics Technologies)
  • Podracer models built by: Tomokazu Sasaki (Graphics Technologies)

note the specific mention of Graphics Technologies, surname Sasaki, and the fact that these were both games that Kenji Sasaki himself had involvement in - did he put a good word in for a relative, presumably still running the company they both initially led?

would say it's also very much possible that some of the other Graphics Technologies personnel went for fulltime jobs at Sega alongside Kenji, though I suspect answers won't be forthcoming on this until credits are found for them that make a direct connection

Ted618 (talk) 15:58, 6 November 2022 (GMT)