Graphics Technologies

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Graphics Technologies
Founded: 1991[1]
Defunct: 1995[1]
Tokyo, Japan[1]

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Graphics Technologies Co., Ltd. (株式会社グラフィックテクノロジー) was a Japanese computer graphics production company and video game developer founded by future AM3 developer Kenji Sasaki.


Founded in 1991 by Kenji Sasaki, Graphics Technologies specialized in both the production of 3D computer graphics and programming for video game software.[1] The company would soon be contracted by Sega AM5 for assistance in creating a demonstration ridefilm for the division's upcoming motion simulator, the AS-1. The resulting ridefilm, Sega SuperCoaster[1], was the first piece of software produced for the AS-1, and was the ridefilm used in its January 1992 location test at Sega's Carnival game center.

Following Sega SuperCoaster, the company was again contracted to produce a second ridefilm for the AS-1; this time, one with interactive gameplay elements. Originally a sci-fi rail shooter in the vein of StarBlade, the project's completion happened to coincide with Michael Jackson's December 1992 visit to Japan for his Dangerous World Tour. Hironao Takeda recalls that Jackson played a complete and English-localized build of what was then known as simply Scramble Training, with the artist immediately agreeing to shoot inserts for further AS-1 ridefilms on the spot.[2] Carrying such a large celebrity endorsement, Scramble Training was soon rebranded as Michael Jackson in Scramble Training, with Graphics Technologies returning to complete the necessary conversion and editing.[1]