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Michael Jackson in Scramble Training
System(s): AS-1
Publisher: Sega
Supporting companies:
Genre: Simulation

Number of players: 1-8
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Michael Jackson in Scramble Training is a Sega AS-1 motion simulator game developed by Sega AM3 and manufactured by Sega. Starring popular musician and Sega collaborator Michael Jackson in the feature role, the game was released in March 1993, and was frequently installed in the company’s flagship arcade venues such as Joypolis and SegaWorld.

Originally developed as simply Scramble Training, Jackson's appearances were inserted into the ridefilm after its completion and rebranded to its final title. However, following the artist's 1993 sexual abuse accusations, the game was reissued under its original name, notably with Jackson's appearances and endorsement entirely removed.


Players take the role of new pilots on a training mission in their eight-man spacecraft. Their flight trainer, Commander Jackson (Michael Jackson), guides them through the mission.


Using each seat’s joystick and dual buttons, players are prompted to shoot down incoming spacecraft and other obstacles. One player acts as the AS-1's pilot, and is additionally tasked with safely landing the craft during gameplay. If this landing is failed, the pilot's seat shakes to indicate damage.[3]




Even with such a known celebrity attached to the title, there exist very few recollections of the ride film’s gameplay and experience. The software is entirely unpreserved and and prior to 2022, only a few off-screen sources exist of its video portions.

Somewhere in some UK garage sale, someone was selling off D-2 tapes, one tape labelled "SEGA AS-1 (M. Jackson Ver.)" was later purchased by a Facebook user. This caught the eye of some internet denizens, where the tape was bought by another user and sent off to the Oxford Duplication Centre for digitization. The tape contained the entirety of Michael Jackson's Scramble Training in video form - all the sequences were included alongside Japanese and English clips. The contents of the tape were later published on December 2022 alongside a Gaming Alexandria article. It's not quite sure what the purpose or source the tape was for, but it's speculated to be for France SegaWorld exports. [4]


In late 1992, while Jackson was in Japan for his Dangerous World Tour, he met with Sega of Japan and worked with developers Sega AM5 as a celebrity actor for the upcoming Sega AS-1. Shooting scenes for both of the hardware’s ride films, Jackson also played a small role in Megalopolis: Tokyo City Battle.

Production history

U.S. Staff
  • Produce And Directed by: Joseph M. Wilcots
  • Production Coordinator: Jessica Budin
  • Still Photography: Nichola Goode
  • Cameraman: Rodney McMann, Ciecil Wilson
  • Soundman: George Hause
  • Assist. Cameraman: Lloyd Jackson
  • Chroma Key Engenier: Bob Warden
  • Chroma Key Cameraman: Darrin Langford
  • Chroma Key Cameraman:Robert Carr
  • Chroma Key Engenier: Mark Barnett
  • Chroma Key Cameraman:Gilbert Prowler
  • Propeter Operator: Lou Spadaccini
  • Wardrobe Designer: Michael Bush
  • Hair: Janet Zeitoun
  • Make-Up: Carol Lamere
  • Make-Up: Karen Fay
  • Gaffer: Willy Ballard
  • Best Boy Electric: Enesto
  • Key Grip: Tracy Lavietes
  • Best Boy Grip: Joel Santos
  • Swing: Mark Francis
  • Stage Manager: Robby Wood
  • Stage Manager: Carlos Delgado
  • Head Security: Wayne Nagin
  • Security: Jimmy Van Norman
  • Security: Robert Pales
  • Craft Service: Scott Shaffer
  • Publicity: Bob Jones
  • Head of Personal Services: Bill Bray
  • Catering by: Marios
  • Stage & Equipment Supplied by: Cine Video
  • Teleprompter Supplied by: QTV
  • Light Boxes: Pasadena Camera
AS-1 Staff
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